imagining the people behind Magic Mike all being paid to sit in a room and come up with some sort of plot for a thinly veiled mom-p*rno is the funniest part of Magic Mike

I have yet to watch it

my review: it has some farm ho moments but that’s about all i can give it out of 5

I can’t believe i saw Magic Mike in cinemas


this is currently #1 on itunes and i kinda feel it. this is kinda a ‘we are never ever getting back together’ sitch where a country singer goes ahead and makes a 100% Pop Single and its good



After much consideration these are my six selfies for 2014 for that tag none of u fuckers tagged me for i am a #LONEWOLF #SOALONE

idk… i only ate food with tabasco on it from ages 7-13 and i think i garnered some supernatural power that way

oh my god i think that’s a power in itself for a 7 year old


Dolly Parton has a slot machine OMG


Dolly Parton has a slot machine OMG

do you think there’s a correlation between little kids who refuse to eat anything but plain pasta/nutella sandwiches without crusts/chicken nuggets and brain function because my brother was that kid while i ate my vegetables and I’m me and he is très problematiqué

obsessed with wigs….. or obsessed with glamour


honestly what is your life

awful people bring out the best in me i think